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Changes to Private Landlord Registration Regulations

On November 13, 2019

Changes to the registration process affecting Private Sector Landlords took place on 16th September 2019. The Scottish Government have introduced a more comprehensive, rigorous application process in order to raise general awareness amongst landlords of their legal requirements. The changes should not have a significant impact on landlords who are already meeting the existing standards,

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It is our mission to find all home hunters the best possible match for their needs and to do so with cheerful efficiency. We know that a happy tenant is more likely to settle and stay in a property and this makes for a happy landlord. We have a vigorous tenant vetting process but we know you don’t mind because it shows we care.

If you are interested in Fine Lets finding you a cosy new home you will be required to:

  • Complete an on-line application form which will be used to check your credit history and provide us with a reference from your employer and previous landlord
  • Pay the first month’s rent & deposit before you move in.

We do not charge tenant fees

We aim to provide our tenants with a supportive service. What does that mean? Well provide:

  • Flexible times for viewing
  • Friendly and efficient communication
  • A prompt and effective response to any problem you may experience once you have moved in.

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